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Re: Central Count Procedures

Greg Forsythe wrote:
I have a Central Count demo Tuesday at 3:00.  Could someone send me the procedures to set up the Accu-Vote and GEMS. I do have an Accu-Vote with 2:00 g ROMs, batch header cards, ballots, hub and Ethernet cable.  I am working with GEMS-1-15-9
  Greg, the Accu-Vote Optical Scan machines speak RS232 (i.e. serial), not Ethernet.  You can run RS232 over Ethernet cables but not through hubs.  Hopefully you're already prepared for this but I thought I better point this out.

  In order to connect a V2 (i.e. CC 2.00g) Accu-Vote to your network, you need to connect it directly or via modem to a serial port on your network that supports the PPP protocol.  This can be provided by serial ports on any connected (to your network that is) WinNT host running RAS, on any connected terminal server, or perhaps on a connected Linux box.  Once connected to the network that your GEMS host is connected to, the Accu-Vote can access GEMS.  Here's some examples.

  A direct connection:

AVOS(V2) <RS232(PPP)> GEMS-host

  A network connection:

AVOS(V2) <RS232(PPP)> host/terminal-server <Ethernet> hub <Ethernet> GEMS-host

  I hope this helps.