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Re: Text to Speech software

Define "more than they should". 
The concept of a database on a 1.44MB floppy was the expectation.   
I must have missed the memo regarding this expectation.  If this was the concept, why do we bear the extra expense of installing Imation drives in the units?
This was a carry over from using the I-Mark and EBS-2000 software.
If there was a warning as to the maximum amount of race data with audio files that would fit on a 1.44MB floppy, then field support should have known better.   
 There was a warning.  The support message was titled "VIBS and 1.44MB floppies".
It must have gotten deleted with the SPAM.  Could you please repost that one.  I think everyone should re-read this.  If it is inconvenient to repost, could you explain to me how to get access to it?