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RE: Where does Voter Card.dll go

Updated to AVTS-3-12-5 and found Voter Card.dll.  Dmitry suggested putting in System 32 but it does not look right or maybe it should go into a file in System 32.  Don't know. 

So, our principle InstallShield developer said it should go in System32, but you think that doesn't look right.  My suggestion in that case would be to try multiple directories on your system until you find one that looks right to you, and then let Dmitry know your findings.
The less adventurous should take Dmitry's advice on this one.
When extra items like this .dll are included, instructions would be nice for installation.
Upgrading the individual files is intended for staff that feel comfortable replacing their system piecewise.  Others should download or order the AVTSIS(-NOMDAC).  InstallShield will install all the files in the right place, without the need for install instructions that outline the finer points of dynamic link libraries.