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To determine if a VL reader is hung

Steve wrote:
3.  30% of the Vote Centers called in due to the AccuVote stopping and needed to have power recycled
    Many units had this occur throughout the day. 
 Ken wrote:
Were these ISR type errors or hung readers?
If the AccuVote "stops" in the field, ask the poll worker to look through the paper slot and ask if they see a red light.  If they see a red light the reader is hooped.
(Loud buzzer sound) Wrong.  Red lights exist inside the reader paper path even if the unit is running perfectly well.  The red light to look at is CR2 on the drive side board which is only viewable if you open the AccuVote enclosure.  But you won't be able to do that on election day at the precinct.  When that light is on solid after cycling power, then the VL reader unit has failed it Power On Self Test (POST).
Now to segue into the another bit of info that everybody out there performing field support should read (if you haven't read it before):
To determine if a VL reader is hung up:
The following is only valid for AccuVote firmware versions PC 1.94r (1.94f greater than) and higher.
  • If your AccuVote won't take any ballots (i.e., the reader doesn't even start its motor when a ballot is inserted), and the AccuVote LCD displays "POLL: nnnnn  TOT COUNT: nnnnn"
  • Press and hold the "NO" button for at least three (3) seconds.
  • The AccuVote LCD should respond with "READ ABORTED BY USER".
  • After the pre-programmed message delay time has passed, the AccuVote will again display "POLL: nnnnn TOT COUNT: nnnnn"
This indicates that the AccuVote CPU board is still functioning as usual and the VL reader is hung (regardless of red lights inside the reader paper path)
To determine if an AccuVote CPU board is hung up:
  • Follow the same procedure as above.
If the AccuVote LCD doesn't display the message "READ ABORTED BY USER" after pressing and holding the "NO" button for at least three (3) seconds, then the AccuVote CPU board is hung.
Data Collection
Whatever you discover in the field, please make a note of the
  • AccuVote Serial Number,
  • AccuVote Firmware Level,
  • What sub-system was hung up (i.e, VL Reader or AccuVote CPU board)
  • Number of ballots processed up to that time,
  • Precinct Number,
  • Precinct Location,
  • Time of Day,
  • Circumstances surrounding the hung up unit (e.g., "a guy shoved a ballot into it and now it won't work", or "it was working fine and just stopped"). 
Any information you can gather when the event happens, write it down if you can, and report the details to Global Election Central as soon as time permits.
I thank you all for your support in finding solutions to our problems.