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Storing Central Count IP addresses on memory cards

When using CC Firmware Release 2.00g, Central Count IP addresses can only successfully be stored on 32KB memory cards.  The use of 128KB memory cards generates an error.
With the unavailability of 32KB memory cards, the only cards that new customers will be able to purchase is 128KB cards.  Existing customers with 32KB memory cards will fare all right, as long as they know to only use 32KB until the next CC release.  Most California accounts, on the other hand, only have 128KB memory cards, but their primary elections have passed.  Global has some "used" 32KB memory cards in stock that we could loan customers with only 128KB memory cards until the next CC release.
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Sent: Wednesday, March 08, 2000 1:59 PM
Subject: Re: Puerto Rico Election

Jeff Hintz wrote:

> Yes, that is what we wanted to do, but unfortunately when you try to save
> the settings to a 128k memory card using CC2.00g, it kept giving the
> message - ( BAD CHECKSUM, OK TO FORMAT? ), and we could not save the
> settings to a memory card.  I have just duplicated this message here in the
> Omaha office, again with a 128k memory card using CC2.00g.  I know that you
> can save to a 32k memory card using 2.00g, because I have done this in
> Memphis, TN.

  Right, we need to fix CC support for 128K memory cards.

  If anyone is planning a non-trivial CC event, let me know your schedule and
I'll see that you get a fix in time.  Otherwise I'm focussing on PC2 so if I
can, I'll get a PC2 release out before doing a new release of CC.