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Re: Puerto Rico Election

If a central count machine looses power can the firmware or maybe a memory card hold the server IP address instead of asking the operator to indicate the server IP via buttons before you can linkup to server?  Basically customer proof it so that on power up it automatically logs on to server and it proceeds with the counting of ballots.  Also, do not ask if we would like to use the feeder or to re-circulate ballots unless you go to supervisory functions and you manually change the defaults.  It could be that this is done if you leave a memory card in each machine, but I just do not know at this time.  We sure could have used this feature…
  The host IP address is saved when you save the setup to the memory card in the supervisor functions.  I believe that CC will still prompt you for this address but then it's just a matter of pressing YES to confirm it.

  Unfortunately the AV has no persistent memory other than the memory card so it is not able to save this information in any other way.

  I hope this helps.