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RE: AV Power Switch Color

I’ve seen a handful but no more than the 2 or 3% range.  There doesn’t seem to be a predictable cause than I have found.


By the way, do you own a Harley?

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Marin has had to burn 15 of 114 memory cards that have given them the error message "PLEASE RE-INSERT".  This is so many more than normal I'm wondering if we don't have a bad run of connectors or some physical cause to this??  Anyone else seeing this type of fallout rate, or am I dealing with something unique to Marin?

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Ian: I don't see any problem with a color change. Is there any chance in the future the switch can be recessed or protected somehow to prevent accidental turn-on when the unit is in the carrying case?
Thanks: Don

Ian Piper wrote:

Does anybody foresee a problem with the AV-OS power switch being a white color (similar to the AccuVote enclosure color) instead of the standard red color? For example, certification concerns (if so which states).  If we know now, perhaps we can resolve that state's concerns before we actually ship product to them. Ian