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Re: Extra Message in Memory Cards

I think the AccuVote must know if the printout occured or not and trys to print it again if it didn't print.  Is this the case guy??
I don't particularly think that is the design we want however.  If you turned unit off prior to the report being printed, its because you don't want to print the report and can always ask for it if you do.
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From: John McLaurin Earthlink <jmglobal@earthlink.net>
To: Support <support@gesn.com>
Date: Thursday, March 02, 2000 10:42 AM
Subject: Extra Message in Memory Cards

While conducting Poll Worker Training classes in two different sites (Brevard/Hernando) with Famous Names Ballot Memory Cars in Election Mode an additional message shows on the LCD screen.


The message “Print Summary Totals” occurs after  pressing NO to “Need another Copy” OR if you turn the unit off immediately following  printing results, when you turn the unit back ON ”Print Summary Totals” is the first message rather than  “Send results by telephone”


Is this something new?