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RE: One For The Books

I know you'll find it hard to believe, but this comes up about once a year.
Its even more classic when a voter gets a dried out marker that hasn't been
used for two years.


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> I just have to share this!  It has been a long day!
> We use the Accu-Vote which as you know is a Mark Sense ballot system.  I
> guess that means you have to have some sense to mark it.  A voter signed
> the pledge, checked in, received his ballot, received ballot marking
> instructions and went to the voting booth to mark his ballot.  After
> marking his ballot, he started to the tabulator and asked the election
> official if the tabulator would be able to read his ballot.  The EO
> assured him it would.  The voter held the ballot out and asked again.
> The EO did not want to see the ballot and assured him that it would.
> The voter mumbled that he did not know how it could that it was a
> mystery to him, he could not read it himself, and we must use some kind
> of magic ink.  The EO official was far enough away that he could not
> really see the names so he glanced at the ballot and saw that it was not
> marked.  He told the voter he had to mark in the oval next to his
> choice.  The voter said that he had.  He was returned to the voting
> booth and both realized the voter had not removed the top from the
> marking pen!
> Have what ever kind of day you want to!
> RD