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Re: Beta Testing ROMS

May I suggest that Beta test ROMS such as 1.94x be supplied to those who have Accu-Votes for demonstration or support purposes. 
This is what we do already.
  Previously I have avoided making general announcements regarding beta ROM releases so you would have to closely watch the bugtrack and support replies to know that they're out there.  Now that we've got a separate sw-announce list, I may as well use that to keep everybody up to date.

  BTW, I use the term Beta release to mean a release that is ready for limited customer use.  There are also Alpha and Test releases that are strictly for internal company use.  These pre-release versions are subject to change (sometimes several times a day) and therefore you need to be aware of the release date and checksums to know what version you have (compare them to the release notes).  Once a general release is issued, the code for that version is frozen (subject of course to recalls) and we start the next.

  If you'd like to try pre-release firmware, you can order it from McKinney or, for small Canadian orders, from us here in Vancouver.