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RE: GEMS-1-15-7

This does not work for the Digi 8 Port Multi-Modem Box.  When opening the 
ports, it scolls through the Red, Yellow, Green cycle.  Stopped, Accu-Vote 
Online - Not Waiting for Call, then Connected; and keeps doing the cycle 
over and over again.  What if we went and bought some 14.4 modems?? 
 Although I don't know if we have all the right connections for attaching 
modems to the Digi Server.

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From:	Talbot Iredale [SMTP:tiredale@gesn.com]
Sent:	Friday, February 25, 2000 7:31 PM
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Subject:	GEMS-1-15-7

GEMS-1-15-7 is now on the ftp site password akdncipo98ds7

This hopefully fixes the problem with Accu-Vote 1.94x roms that do not 
initialize the Zoom 14.4 modems.  Works on my system but my modems are very