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GEMS 1.11.2 uploads

 Chelan County, WA and Humboldt County, CA had been experiencing difficulties with modems not hanging up with GEMS 1.11.2 and 1.94w firmware.  Uploading results will leave a modem off hook if the sending AccuVote is not powered off immediately after the transmission.  Upload behavior is indicated in the console status field as follows:

  • 'Modem Online' before uploading
  • 'Loading' during uploading
  • 'Modem Online' after uploading if the sending AccuVote has been powered off immediately after uploading, otherwise,
  • 'AccuVote Online' if the sending AccuVote is not powered off after the upload

Resolution involves training poll workers to power the AccuVote off immediately after uploading from the polls.  An election worker observes the console at election close and stops, then starts any port that drops into the 'AccuVote Online' status.