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RE: GEMS-1-14-11 Modem Handling

However, to add to the Twilight Zone of it all, he loaded 1.14.10 (he believed it included the modem fix) and he says it was working today using that Rev.  Too weird. 
Here is the TZ explanation.  1.14.10 was released early and had the core problem fixed (the Happy faces are here again bugtrack post).  1.14.11 has that fix plus the port handling improvements.  Craig will still see the weird 1.11 port behavior with 1.14.10.
Also, Humboldt reported that Green and AIP was reversed giving results to each others vote totals.  I didn't hear anything from TAB, who apparently helped them fix it. 

I wouldn't know;  there was no bugtrack report that I can see.