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Re: Battery icon

Steve Knecht wrote:
It's not flashing - on off on off, its just a quick blip on, then off almost
so fast you wouldn't notice it unless you were looking for it.
  The Accu-Vote checks the memory card battery signal each time it writes to the LCD.  If the signal indicates low, it displays the telephone pole symbol.  Your description suggests that the AV is rapidly updating the display whereas it should only update the display when the message changes.
1.94w, no cold temp.  It's actually happening across AccuVotes, so its either the ROM or some glitch in the card I would think.  Still not clear if it really is a battery would the icon stay on??

  Yes, if it really is the battery, then the icon should stay on.  If it's the ROMs, then other 1.94w users should be experiencing this.  Anyone?

 I just made a copy onto a new memory card of the "battery low" master mem card.  The copy also gives the same icon.  If the icon flashes on and off very fast, is it possible that there's a bug in the code, and its not the battery.  These are all new batteries..sk

  ...which suggests that it's not a glitch in a particular card.

  We need to isolate this to hardware (AV, memory card, or battery), firmware, or something local (i.e. could it be the A/C power in a particular building???) that is consistent if we're to do anything about it.  If you could help us to reproduce it then we could chase it down.  Otherwise I'm afraid that it's up to you.  Do you have situations in which this does not occur?