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Re: Used AV units from Anoka Co. MN

The price you've quoted is below Global's cost to produce those products.  Am I missing something here? 
BTW:  Any AccuVote can be upgraded to visible light.  A customer under extended warranty can purchase this for $1200.00.  If they are not on extended warranty the cost is $1650.00.  Dealers pay $2250.00 minus 40%.  The modem upgrade can be purchased for $300.00 plus an installation fee of $125.00.  Even older revision motherboards without proper modem power connectors can have the cables soldered into place.  Florida is full of them.  If the AccuVote enclosure is in bad shape, that can be replaced for $1100.00.  Enclosure damage is not covered under the initial warranty or the extended warranty.
The ballot box can't be upgraded, but a new can be purchased for $1200.00.
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Subject: Used AV units from Anoka Co. MN

The week of March 27th, we will replace the original Anoka Co (1990) ACCUVOTES with new ones.  These original units are not capable of being upgraded to include modems and visible light readers and the ballot boxes do not have a rear door.
I hope to entice several of the smaller MN counties to acquire the units at a reduced price, but so far have no takers.  Please let me know if you may want to offer some to your customers as backup units or need additional ballot boxes as backup or overflow boxes.  My price quoted is $2,079 which includes the AV, the ballot box, a memory card and new carrying case.
I will store the old units in MN until I have a better plan.  If you quote a price, be sure to make shipping their responsibility.
Please confer with me if you think you may have an opportunity to sell some units.