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Re: Election Night Scrolling Display in Florida

Kermit is a modem software program that Unix has adopted.  It acts much like Hyper Terminal in Windows.  Our Unix gurus in Vancouver could probably provide a better explanation.  They use it to support customers VTS software.
It is a freebie and used to be on the net as a freebie.  No licence required.
I'm sure somebody with Rawrite and Unix knowledge within our company could distribute this to our accounts by email.
It is easy to use.
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Sent: February 17, 2000 2:57 PM
Subject: RE: Election Night Scrolling Display in Florida

Please give me a little more detail on MSKermit.  I am not familiar with it or exactly what it does.  Is there a cost or a license issue that must be taken into consideration?


Larry J. Dix

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I would strongly suggest that the Company send MSkermit by diskette or email to the new Florida and Georgia accounts.  Hyper Terminal works most times but where it won't open the door, Kermit will.  

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