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Re: Modems

Steve Knecht wrote:
Didn't GEMS change the download timeout times.  I seem to remember that it was taking too long to download the 128kb cards so something was changed to increase alloted time.  Was the same thing done for the Upload portion??  Just trying to figure Fresno's problems out.

  I found this in our logs which indicates that the change only affects download:

Changes by:     tri@ns.gesn.com.gesn.com        00/01/18 11:11:10

Modified files:
        ./: Tag: v1-14-patches DownloadAVSPort.cpp GEMS.APS GEMS.clw
            GEMS.rc VCenterEditor.cpp VCenterEditor.h resource.h

Log message:
        Changed timeout in download from 50 sec to 120 sec.
        Added function to calculate the memcard size in the VCenterEditor.