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Re: AVTS calibration

Should this have been reported as a bug??
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From: Steve Knecht <skglobal@earthlink.net>
To: support@gesn.com <support@gesn.com>
Date: Monday, February 07, 2000 3:21 PM
Subject: AVTS calibration

One of the touchscreen ballot stations has a significant "distortion" in the touchscreen calibration.  I've used the calibrate function and it works well on the top portion of the screen, but does not seem to correct itself (I've tried this routine a dozen times or so to see if I could figure out a pattern).  The lower left corner has to be hit about 1/2 inch above the mark (measured using the edge of a voter card to be relatively sure about distance).  The upper portion of the screen is correct in its calibration.  This makes it very difficult to use the PREVIOUS function. Or to find many of the admin functions in windows.  Comments??