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Re: Owen Dunn Printers and Ian's Soapbox on Print Shop Certification

Ian: Barry said he talked to you about the high incident of accuvotes not accepting or rejecting ballots in Dakota Co. Minn.. I will look at those units and call you today.
    In Washington Co. a unit failed during an election, #79464. The unit was alright till about 1200 ballots. Voter turnout was very heavy. The balot box was emptied at about 900 ballots and 1800 ballots. At around 1200 the unit started to reject several ballots, at 1500 it stopped completely - no ballot could be inserted. The election officials went to the polling site with another unit. When replaced the other unit accepted 3 ballots then would take no more. They called and I went to the polling site with another unit.
    When I arrived the replacement unit was working OK. It had apparently started to work after it was inside for awhile. The officials felt the unit was cold and had warmed up. Does cold (20F) have a significant effect on the units? The replacement unit seemed to reject approx. 1 of 10 ballots, but accept on the second try. People were voting as fast as they could walk up to the unit.
That part looked pretty good.
    I took 79464 back to the office and attempted to force a ballot through to clear any debris that might be in the unit. You could not force a ballot through. The motor would start up when a ballot was inserted but it did not appear that the drive wheel was turning. I removed the motor, turned the gear by hand and replaced the motor. Same problem but I wqs able to force a ballot through from the back. This seened to free up the wheels and i could push a ballot through in either direction. After blowing out the read heads it would acceppt ballots OK. I ran the read head test twice with good results. I also ran 50 of the famous name ballots through with a reject (invalid ballot) of about 1 in 10.
    Any ideas? I will be working on the failed units in Dakota this morning. Give me a call if you have any ideas. Thanks: Don
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Date: Tuesday, February 15, 2000 11:39 AM
Subject: Re: Owen Dunn Printers and Ian's Soapbox on Print Shop Certification

Ian: I would welcome any chance to learn more about what is proper for ballot printing and what is not
I would be happy to enhance you knowledge about it.  I just wish I could do with everybody at once and be done with it.  Please read the ballot specs  and give me a call.
I encountered the precinct number being printed above the line of timing marks in the Georgia accounts. They said they had been assured it was OK, that one of the older Ga. accounts had "always" done theirs that way. I did express a concern over doing it. The test ballots appeared to ron alright. The print was not solid but similar to a perf type line. I could not find out who assured them it was OK.
I sure wish we had more control over that.