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RE: Manual Rotation??

> Is there a way to assign rotation manually???   We are doing a trial
> election in Ohio with only 2 precincts, but the 2 different precincts are
> not consecutive, so the rotation is not matching, and I would like to set
> them manually.  Is this possible???
> Jeff Hintz
> Global Election Systems

Short answer:  no.

Long answer.  Assign a district to each precinct, choose district rotation,
and set the rotation number for the district for whatever order you want.

I am worried something is missing here though.  What do you mean exactly by
"not consecutive"?  The rotation should happen in the *order* that the
precincts are in.  Doesn't (shouldn't) matter whether they are consecutive
or not.  Is the precinct order (by id) different than they rotation they