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Re: Gems 1-15-2 & AccuVote 1.94x (and E-Mail to Bug Track) - Withdrawn candidate problems for Puerto Rico

Jeff Hintz wrote:

> Has any one seen my 3 e-mail postings to the Bug Track, concerning Gems 1-15-2, CC2.00g, & PC1.94x.  I still have yet to receive a response.

  Yes, we've seen them.  A few comments about the postings may be in order.  First, please try to select a subject line that helps us to know
what the contents are about.  The subject "Gems 1-15-2 & AccuVote 1.94x" doesn't help much.

  Second, if you're seeking help, start with your question up front.  Some of us get a lot of emails and it really helps if we can determine
whether we need to take action up front.  Follow your question with the details that we need to answer the question.

  I've left your latest email as the last to deal with today because it's hard to tell what you are looking for and I've been hoping that maybe
it will mean more to someone else and that they'll respond first.  I take it that the line "The problem I have is that on the Precinct Report
coming from the AccuVote, it gives me votes and blank text, as if they are there." is the problem statement?

  My understanding is that for withdrawn candidates, if the withdrawal is entered before programming the memory cards, that the candidate will
be downloaded with the name "WITHDRAWN", will not be counted, and will be uploaded with zero votes.  This greatly simplifies our management of
withdrawn candidates.  If necessary, we could modify the Accu-Basic report programs (the .abo file) to not print the WITHDRAWN candidates on the
results reports.  Withdrawals after download will still be counted and will appear on the Accu-Vote reports but will be dropped after being

  This is to be supported in the latest GEMS 1-15 releases and in the upcoming 1.94x firmware.  1.94x is still considered to be in Beta testing
but the testing keeps getting interrupted.  Support for withdrawn candidates was added to 1.94x on Jan 26/00 so if your beta ROM is dated before
then, it won't have this.  You can contact me directly to arrange for an update.  And please let me know if there is a required-by date on the
1.94x release.