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Re: Centra Count Version for Puerto Rico

> What is the version for Central Count that we need for Puerto Rico??  I
> have the new AccuVote version of 194.x, is there a Central Count version
> for this as well???  Also, who do I need to talk to get this version??

  The latest Accu-Vote (AV) Optical Scan (OS) Central Count (CC) firmware is
2.00g.  Being version 2, it is on a separate track from 1.94 so there is not
normally a new CC release for each Precinct Count (PC) release.  In this
case 2.00g includes an adjustment that should reduce the number of ballot
read errors which will also be in the still-to-be-released PC 1.94x.

  As with all releases, you get them by submitting your order to the order
desk in McKinney (or so I'm told).