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Re: GEMS - Stand alone.

GEMS is a single user application.  The GEMS and the databases resides on the WindowsNT machine that the user is working on.  If they want more than one user to run GEMS at the same time they will need to have GEMS installed on multiple machines and each user must work on a different database.

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Anybody out there? 
Customer requires multiple GEMS users.  They want four or five employees to be up to speed on GEMS.  Would each have an IP address and tap into individual GEMS sessions.  I understand that only one person can work on a database.  Could that database be saved and brought up by another user provided the first user had closed out?
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Subject: GEMS - Stand alone.

I understand GEMS is a standalone product and that Jview or JResultClient or the scrolling election night display software can be loaded on a number of '95 and '98 PCs for display purposes. 
The Questions:  If GEMS is on a separate server, how many sessions can be used at the same time? 
If one operator is working on a database, can that database be closed and brought up by another user, assuming logins and passwords are available? 
Can two operators work from one server on two separate databases? 

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