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Re: VTS Question FW: What happens if...

Good question, and probably relevant to us all as of today.
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Subject: VTS Question FW: What happens if...

> Please see below and advise.  Just so y'all don't think it's always sunny
> Florida, it is 33 degrees outside today.
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> >From Cobb Cty. GA
> A candidate withdraws from the race (rumored Orrin Hatch) before the
> election 3/7/00 and the memory cards have already been programmed.  In
> Georgia,
> the law says that votes cast for a withdrawn candidate must not be
>  With our previous system we took care of the ballots by putting a sign up
> in each booth advising the voter that the candidate(s) had withdrawn and
> any vote cast for that candidate would not be counted.  Then the
> system was programmed not to count that ballot position so "0" votes would
> show for that candidate or the candidate would not show on election night.
> How is that handled with this system?