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Editing of results tape; 10000=Democratic, etc.

Allow me to clarify a bit.  LHS doesn't necessarily want to have the results tape show number of Democratic ballots cast.  They want to be able to edit what appears on the tape.  Whereas the results tape would ordinarily show the amount of cards numbered 10000 which were cast, they would like to be able to edit "10000" so it appears as "Fred" (because in setting up the database, LHS will know that 10000 is the Fred card).  Likewise, if LHS knows that cards 10000, 10003, and 10004 are all ballots with Democratic races on them (in a dual primary), whereas cards 10001, 10002, and 10005 are all Republican ballots, they would like to be able to edit the tape so it shows "Republican".  GEMS/Accu-Vote need not recognize the voter group of the ballot per se, LHS will know this and edit the tape accordingly.  Is this any easier to do?