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1.15 Warning: multiple columns and oval margin

The 1.15 changes required for Peurto Rico and New York have forced an incompatibility with the way that multi-column candidates are layed out wrt 1.14 and previous releases.  In the past we have maintained stict compatibility with the way that ballots are layed out between releases.  That is, if you regenerate artwork in a new version, you will get exactly the same oval positions as the previous release.
Note that if ballots already printed and the election flag "cards printed" is checked, the oval positions will be maintained and old artwork will upload fine.  If you bring the card up in the editor though, the candidates text will be in the wrong positions.  Of course, re-laying out the artwork cures this.
I think the only practical problem with this right now is if California uses multiple candidate columns in any of the artwork they have already printed.  Please let me know if this is the case.  Even if this is the case, don't stress about it.  We will no matter what find a solution that does not require anyone to re-print.