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1.14 vs. 1.15 GEMS versions

Needless to say, the changes were extensive.  The paint is still wet, and I expect people will want some tweaks in functionality as well as the obligatory bug fixes.  We'll treat the early 1.15 series as "prereleases" for LHS testing so California does not have to suffer.  Once 1.15 looks at least as solid as 1.14 though, we'll end the 1.14 branch.  1.14 and earlier Databases will upgrade to 1.15 without harm as usual.  People testing 1.14 are encouraged to try out 1.15 to avoid any surprises when they are forced to upgrade. Ken

Is it the intention of development staff that California March election will be run on some version of 1.14 or  will we end up in the 1.15 range.  Can you comment on the following:  Are the changes being made now to 1.15 GEMS things that are in the ballot layout realm, and will not impact ballot processing, or tabulation issues??  In other words, is it possible that changes made from now on will break things we're starting to test, such as memory card up/download, central count, etc.  We are beginning testing of 1.14.4 this week. Should we be testing with something else?
  I guess a little summary picture of what you expect over the next 3 weeks of testing would be helpful.  I'd say we will have to lock down GEMS by mid - February,  AVTS ballot station is to go on-line, along with a pollbook function by Feb. 7, but we are supposed to do testing and L&A prior to this.  No panic yet, just wondering where we're going to lock some of this down for the March primary.