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RE: El Paso, TX & Gems Reporting

> But is
> there a way
> that we can take their Summary Report and merge our Summary
> Report to get 1
> Grand Total, since this is all they are looking to give to the
> Media during
> the night, without having to create a Precinct by Precinct Report from
> their system???

No.  GEMS generates the summary report by accumulating the precincts.  The
summary is not stored seperately in GEMS.  They'll have to give us counters
before we can give them reports.

> Or possibly, is there a way that we can Export
> our totals,
> so they can Import them into their system and do all the
> reporting on their
> side???

Well, we can export the counters (GEMS export), but I suspect they will have
trouble importing.  They should ask their election software vendor about
that I guess ;-).

> Another downfall was that when we Imported their results, whether
> it was a
> zero report, or a report with totals just for 1 precinct, our
> report stated
> that we had 100% of the precincts reporting.

Hmmm.  I'll take a look at that.

> Please let me know if I
> should put
> these into the RCR list.

I don't think there are any RCRs here, but good questions.