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RE: Piman - Num. Copies of Memory Cards need to be Increased

There was confusion; the problem didn’t have any thing to do with the Number of Mem cards field.  The problem was Support Person not knowing enough about GEMS.  I should have figured out what Brian was talking about.  Brian wanted to move his Report Precincts to more than one Vote Center.  What he was doing wrong was holding the shift key down when he moved his Report Precincts into the Vote Center.  All this accomplishes is moving the Report Precinct from one Vote Center to another, not copying them to each Vote Center.  To fix Brian’s problem, all he had to do was hold the CTRL key down and drag his Report Precincts from the "Polling Vote Center <default VC>" to the Multiple Vote Centers. This will in turn copy the Report Precincts to each of their respected Vote Centers.


If I am not clear on this, then whoever is supposed to be teaching the Support People how to Support please stand up and explain clearer.   


From: Mike Brown

To: rcr@gesn.com

Sent: Tuesday, December 28, 1999 3:52 AM

Subject: Piman - Num. Copies of Memory Cards need to be Increased



Pima would like the number of Memory cars to be downloaded increased from 10

to 100.


Currently Gems only allows 0-10.



Mike Brown

1611 Wilmeth Road

McKinney, TX 75069-8250




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From: Ken Clark [mailto:ken@gesn.com]
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To: rcr@gesn.com
Subject: RE: Piman - Num. Copies of Memory Cards need to be Increased


  I don't think that they're talking about an AV restriction because there has never been a restriction on the number of copies made.  In the GEMS Vote Center Editor, it allows me to enter values from 1 to 99 in the No. Mem Cards field.  Could it be that the release that they are running was limited to 10 copies?

  The Accu-Basic reports have been formatted using 2 digits for the copy number which could cause problems if they tried to make copy number 100.  The 1.94 AB interpreter will truncate the digits after the first 2 so 100 would print as 10.  If they are going to go over 99 AV memory card copies, we would need to add a digit for the memory card label format.



I think there might be a confusion here between number of memory cards in a vcentervs copies of memory cards.  The vcenter num mem cards field refers to seperate memory cards.  Perhaps that is what Mike meant.  That number was indeed bumped to from 10 to 99 during the 1.13 series, but it was actually bumped too high.  The maximum for a 1.94 AccuVote should be 26 -- we use a single letter in the "POLL CTR" label field to specify the machine number of the vote center.  There is no GEMS limit on the number of download copies (although I guess it should limit to 100 as guy points out).

Mike, is my assumption correct and is 26 enough?  If its not, what would they do with 26 seperate cards in one polling place?