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GEMS-1-14-4; GEMS-Reports-1-14-4

GEMS-1-14-4.zip                     ck12gkd25qopr
GEMS-Reports-1-14-4.zip         lv4dkdawk52bt
                     Fix bug in central count that caused Exception when counting shadowed races.
                     Automatically copy the Race label and VGroup label to the Ballot text when creating new races and Vgroups.
                     Fixed bug with dragging reportunts onto reportunits.
                     Fixed bug that did not display reportunits that had no baseunits in the treeview.
                     Fixed bug in race editor when changing sortseq for a candidate in a Shadow race that caused the candidates sortseq not to be updated.
                     Fixed bug that caused Shadow race candidates to be deleted when deleting a Shadowed race.
                     Fixed bug in CardCast report that caused Exception if NP Vgroup did not have separate ballot and not Absentee/Non-Absentee vgroups defined.