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RE: Testing sb100 database 1.14.2 (asap please)

> Do you all think it would be a good idea to get Jeff Dean to send us 10 or
> so precincts by eight parties with pre-printed test decks from one of the
> California sites for Jane to test AccuVote and CC????  If so,
> I'll call Jeff
> Dean and set up asap.

*Any* testing we can do on 1.14 is a good idea.  With the risk of sounding
alarmist, 1.14 really needs more testing.  Even though much of GEMS looks
the same from the outside, the guts changed substantially between 1.11 and
1.14.  That's why you see all kinds of things completely unrelated to shadow
races broken in the early 1.14 releases.

Hats off to everyone posting 1.14 bug reports.