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Re: Report Failure

  Sorry Steve but I don't understand.  The inability to run a zero report will not prevent you from processing ballots, at least not for technical reasons.  So perhaps you mean that for procedural reasons one wouldn't count ballots without a zero totals report and I agree that most likely you wouldn't.

  A report failure generally indicates a corruption of the data on the memory card.  The Accu-Vote allows you to use a corrupted card as much as possible depending on what error has been detected but doing so is at your own risk.  Whether the corrupted memory card data is considered worthless is a matter of personal opinion and not something that I can answer.


Comment:  the card can be uploaded.  That's good. However, in election mode, we cant get cards to run through it can we if we don't get to run a zero report??  So card is worthless until reburned?