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Fw: Ovals positioned back to back on ballots.

I don't think Sharpies work for the Global AccuVote ballot based on the
bleed through I saw in Fresno.  Spectrum is going back to their original
paper to try and reduce this, but I think we do need to check for back to
back registration in case this bleed through issue inadvertantly becomes a
problem, especially since the Sharpie is on our approved list.
-----Original Message-----
From: Sophia Lee <sophia@gesn.com>
To: Request For Change <rcr@gesn.com>
Date: Monday, November 22, 1999 9:55 AM
Subject: Ovals positioned back to back on ballots.

>RCR: sl-112099-01
>Requested: November 20, 1999
>Required: December 15 1999
>County: King County, WA
>Election: February 29, 2000
>The election in King County on November 2, 1999 went well. However, we did
>have a "bleed-through" problem from the Sharpie Pens.
>There were a lot of races and issues in this November election resulting in
>some 450 ballot styles.  Unfortunately, a couple of the ovals on the
>ballots were back to back.  Some of the marks on the front of the ballot
>bled through to the ovals on the back of the ballots causing a race on the
>back to register as over-votes.  This was detected and corrected within 2
>hours of the opening of the polls.
>Since Sharpies are still approved ballot marking instruments (according to
>Ian), request that GEMS automatically detect if the ovals for any ballot
>back to back and either
>a) provide an exception report identifying the ballot styles with back to
>back ovals or
>b) automatically adjust the oval column for the ballot.