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Re: Blank Memory Cards

  Beware the dirty connection problem.  If you insert a programmed memory card and get the "OK TO FORMAT" prompt, it normally means that the memory card contacts haven't made a good connection and so the data that the Accu-Vote reads doesn't look like a formatted card.  I've had to re-insert a card up to a dozen times before it comes up properly.  And this is nothing new, we've had this kind of problem all along.

  The solution?  I wish I knew.  The card edge style contacts are good in that they are strong and stand up to repeated insertions but the tradeoff is that they are more susceptible to dirt than pin type connections.  However pin type connections (like those used on PCCARD type cards) are prone to pins getting bent and are better for only occasional re-insertions.  We suspect that the dirt problem is most commonly on the contacts in the memory card socket in the Accu-Vote and sometimes could be bits of paper or other dust.  This can be confirmed if the memory card comes up fine in another Accu-Vote but another good memory card also fails in the original Accu-Vote.

  Should we change the prompt?  Without a solid connection the Accu-Vote cannot recognize anything on the memory card and therefore we really can't tell if it's blank, has an incompatible (old?) format, or has a valid format but bad connection.  Suggestions?  As long as you don't actually re-format the card, the data is still there.