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Status of El Paso, Texas

I have completed testing for as far as I can go here in Omaha for El Paso, 
Texas.  I am using Gems 1-13-5 and AVTS 3-10-14 for Poll Book uploading 
only.  The AVTS Ballot Stations & Poll Books have been setup and running on 
AVTS 3-10-7.  I tested uploading all Vote Centers with Test data - all was 
successful.  I tested Central Count using Precinct Headers 1 -155 - all was 
successful.  I did manual entry for simulating entering in the results from 
the VIBS units - all was successful.  I even did a Challenge Vote, although 
there will not be any challenge voters, - all was successful.

There remains 2 items left to test: 1) The software wrote by Paul Dunhill 
to accumulate totals from the VIBS units.  I do not have that software here 
in Omaha to be able to test.  2) The importing of totals from BRC into 
Gems.  I have not yet seen any new version for this, but I believe Ken is 
working on this.

I am anticipating that all will work well on November 2nd, but lets keep 
our fingers crossed just in case.


Jeff Hintz
Global Election Systems