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RE: Gems 1-13-5 & Audit Printer

Hi Jeff and Larry,

> Once I have the Log Printer checked on and select my printer
> (HP5si), from
> that point on shouldn't everything that I do on the host computer be
> printed to the printer?

You need to check one more box, "default printer" in the "Poster" dialog
under the GEMS menu.  The checkbox should be moved to the bottom of the
dialog beside "Print" and it should be labeled "Log Printer";  apologies for
the interface.  Note that the poster checkbox is not saved, so you need to
re-check it after you restart GEMS.  We make it permanent after we go though
Texas cert with GEMS.  Note that if you hook up a 5si as the log printer you
end up with one line per page and go through a lot of paper.  I made that
mistake :-).

> For Texas and any other state that requires a real time log for tallying
> results.

Are you aware of any other state that requires this?  As I understand it,
Texas does not require this by statute either, but we have added this
feature as the path of least resistance in El Paso.

> Should we set up the Host Computer with two printer ports, one
> for a laser jet printer to print out all reports, and the other
> one with a
> continuous dot matrix printer for the logs?

Yes.  Although, I am not clear yet on the logistics of this log printer in
El Paso.  The dot matrix printer sitting in McKinney is a parallel printer,
and there is only one parallel port on the server in El Paso.  I assume you
are going to need a serial printer hooked up to the digi board.  Anyway, the
software itself should work with whatever printer you hook up.

> Jeff Hintz