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Will the update to the SOVC of adding 1/2 inch to vertical name fields be in a report update to GEMS available for this upcoming Nov. 2 election, or would I be better off loading it a day or two after the election when we're getting ready to print these reports for the candidates and they are paying for them, which occurs after the election??
That's really a tough question.  Changing the field width will take me about 5 min and has minimal impact, but changnig GEMS after L&A is not a very good idea if it can be avoided.  I'll make the change today;  it will be in 1.11.7.  Just remember there will be a couple of other minor things in 1.11.7 ( Nel's Quebec Vote For RCR at least).  If you want the release, let Dmitry know directly and he'll cut it.  If you think better of it, let it sit until after the election.