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Ballot Station Error message using 3.10.7-1

During Early voting operations in Gaston County last Friday we received an error message that the secondary media was different from the primary media files, and if I wanted to overwrite the secondary media.


After calling Ken and looking on the C drive of this ballot station I found that the .VHS file was aprox 1.8 Gig in size compared to 1K that that same file in the floppy disk. Under Kens suggestion I deleted the .VHS file from the c drive and replaced it with a copy of the .VHS file on the floppy by just saying yes to overwrite secondary media.


The system opened up correctly and continued to vote.


Enclosed find copy of original files from floppy and copy of all files from c drive of that particular machine without the 1.8 gig VHS file of course…

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