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Re: AVTS Manager Card Wiped Out

.  Is it possible they accidentally programmed the card?  The manager card they were using had a hole punched in it and a key ring attached.  I have called them and asked if that is possible and their response was "No No., absolutely not!  I kept it in my desk until closing and used it to close down the other three units, before going to the 4th unit."  So while it seems possible someone could do what tab describes, it is unlikely they could have closed three units first if they'd done it as Tab is suggesting.  I'd say No to manual error on this.
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Subject: RE: AVTS Manager Card Wiped Out

On the fourth one, instead of bringing up the manager admin screen as it did with the others..... I swear.....it brought up a ballot.  They then went to the end of the ballot and cancelled it.  They then reinserted the manager card and it no longer had any functioning at all, light on reader just cycled.    
Tab points out there might be a simpler explanation.  The poll book doesn't stop you from overwriting a manager card with a voter card.  Is it possible they accidentally programmed the card?