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RE: AVTS Manager Card Wiped Out

On the fourth one, instead of bringing up the manager admin screen as it did with the others..... I swear.....it brought up a ballot.  They then went to the end of the ballot and cancelled it.  They then reinserted the manager card and it no longer had any functioning at all, light on reader just cycled.   
I got another manager card and closed unit down.  This brings up the following questions:
1) Has this happened to anyone else? 
Not exactly like this, but Mickey Martin in Shelby had a problem where Voter Cards inserted backwards could bring up the Manager PIN number screen. 
2) How do I create more manager cards? 
You need to order them currently.  Obstensively this is a security thing.  We'll find a way to let people create new manager cards securely, but in the mean time just have some extras on hand.
3) Can cards be "broken" or do you just reburn them like a memory card?
I didn't know they could become "corrupt" before now, let alone "broken".  Send the card to me and I'll take a look.  I bet re-burning will cure it.
Please keep an eye out for this folks.