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Upgrade Versions

John M wrote:

How do customers such as Kenai Borough get notified of upgrades to GEMS.

Well, here is the same question again.  I think I keep asking this every few months as well, and if someone can dig up the response, please forward.  Knock, Knock. Can someone in McKinney on the central support end or in management answer this question on a company wide basis? 

OK, to all of us that want an answer to this one.  There seems to be a few options.  (1) Let's bring this up at next sales meeting (2) Let's all read all the technical stuff coming out and decide ourselves (3) let's continue to wait and see if we get an answer to this. 

My personal opinion is that we need the "regional support" person reinstated asap because the only person that can really be familiar enough with the specific needs of an account is someone that knows the state law, understands the personnel at the account, and the general account needs.  That can only be done by familarization with the account.  My own opinion.  Anyone else care to offer up an opinion...