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Here are updates from GEMS 1.12.1 to 1.13.1 and AVTS 3.10.1 to 3.10.9 in one document in case you want to see updates all in one location.  If you want I'll keep doing this and send it out every once in a while.   
That is great Steve.   On many mailing lists in other organizations there is a "best of the week" type message posted periodically.  Kind of an editorial summary of what is new and important.  If you or anyone else would like to take that on, it would be a great asset.
A few things to note though.  The readme entries are already kept "all in one place".  The complete readme is in the distribution for the software.  We can start posting the whole readme file instead of the latest updates, but that seems a bit redundant.  Perhaps we could put the readme on the FTP site in a separate file.  I have considered that in the past, but it seems unlikely that anyone that would want to download the readme wouldn't just download the latest release (or already have it).
As for the rcr, support, and bugtrack items.  We actually archive all that stuff, so its "all in one place" too.  We used to have web access to it, but it broke early this year and was never fixed.  I can put it back up, but I have never really resolved the security issue.  We put a password on the web page of course, but that one password then gives people access to all the GEMS passwords simply by reading the list.  Invariably, the password gets given to customers (and non-customers).  If anyone has any ideas on how to give people access to the archives of our mailing lists, without causing undue grief, please let me know.
The readme file does not contain the password list like your doc has, but putting up a single list brings us back to the "one password" problem.  Perhaps we could keep a list of the passwords and post the list to announce every once in a while.  Again, I'm open to suggestions.  I know keeping track of the passwords is a pain, but it beats ordering VTS patches.
As a final note, I know I have not made many "State of the GEMS Release" addresses on the announce list lately, and the readme file is not itself.  I apologise for that.  I'll try to get things back in line after the November crunch.