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Notes on the AVTS 3-10-x interface


I helped Marin County CA open the polls yesterday for early voting with the
new AVTS software.  I am impressed with the work and new interface.  I just
have some comments:

1) Reporting.  Currently the pollworker must choose the Reporting button,
select some reporting options, then set the AVTS unit for election and then
exit and return to the Admin screen for the polls to be opened.  Can the
AVTS automatically print reports like the AVOS (both the zero report and the
end election summary total report)?  I understand that there are different
options and settings which can be selected for reporting.  Can these options
be selected in GEMS in the AVTS options dialogue window?  If so, this would
simplify the process a great deal.  The AVTS units could be preset for

2) Shutdown.  The AVTS software, during shutdown does not shut Windows 98
down.  The shutdown button only closes the Ballot Station software.  The
pollworkers must select the start button, select shutdown and select the
shutdown method, before the AVTS unit can be turned off.

3) Setting for Election in GEMS.  This for the future?  If a large
jurisdiction (i.e. 1000+ units) were to go AVTS countywide, I don't think
that they would test each and every diskette programmed by GEMS with an L&A.
They may decide to only test every ballot style.  In which case, it would be
convienent to have the ability to program a diskette to be in election mode
and not have to manually bring up every AVTS machine and manually set for

Take care,

Robert Chen

Global Election Systems Inc.
(415) 618-0005  Office
(415) 235-6553  Mobile