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RE: AVTS-3-10-4 & El Paso, TX

> If I set up 11 Vote Centers for early voting, with approximately 7 AVTS
> units in each Vote Center.  Do I need to specify 7 memory cards when I go
> to download to each disk within that Vote Center, or does it make any
> difference for AVTS??

Change the "number of memory cards" to exactly (not approximately) the number of machines in the vote center.  Again, if you don't specify the number of machines in the vote center, how do you know if you are missing any at the end of the election?  Does everyone understand the concept here?

From the "3.10.1 Changes" email sent to the support list 9/21/99:

The fundamental change is that the removable media is now the primary storage.  The hard disk is just considered a backup for the floppy.  All ballot stations are now generic -- it is only the floppy that gives the ballot station its personality.  You need to create a separate floppy for each ballot station, and label each floppy.  You can get multiple ballot stations for a vote center by changing the "number of memory cards" field in the GEMS vote center dialog.  You can stage all disks from a few machines centrally, and then distribute to the actual voting units