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RE: AVTS-3-10-4, Gems-1-12-2, & El Paso, Texas

> No there are not 130 machines in one location, but all machines
> are set up
> for Early Voting with all Precincts.  Should I make up different Vote
> Centers or should it all be considered 1 Vote Center??

It isn't strictly necessary of course (notwithstanding the 99 limit), but I
would set up different vote centers.  It comes down to organizing the 130
disks.  You keep all the disks for a particular location in its own box,
presumably with a nice official looking seal.  If you set up different vote
centers, then you get a nice label on the disk saying what box it should be
in.  If a disk gets lost (or shows up unexpectedly), you know what location
it came from.

Think of it like keeping track of Ballot Station serial numbers using the
old system, only the floppy disks weigh a little less.  :-)