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RE: AVTS 3.10.4

> Hi Ken,
> Quick question.  How do you change the size of the vote box in 3.10.4?
> Thanks Again,
> Jane

Send general support questions to the support list so everyone can get

Short answer is that you can't (you can't in any 3.x release actually).
Submit an RCR for whatever ballot style options you would like added to the
GEMS Setup->AccuVote-TS dialog.  They are not hard to add, but adding them
makes for an incompatible download protocol so they'll need to get added in
groups during major releases.

I'll add vote box size and background color.  If any others come to mind,
please post.  We need to add color selection to the rich text editors one
day too.

Note I am not a personal fan of a lot of drawing options.  Everyone has an
opinion on how a ballot should look, but the ability to make these
selections is usually outweighed IMO by the advantages of keeping things
consistent.  If it were up to me I wouldn't even let background color be an