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Re: Customer Question - Minn. Demo

>>     What is the cost of read head replacement?
The cost to replace an end-user customer's AccuVote Visible Light Reader is US$1650.00 plus labor (@ US125.00 per hour).
>I believe there is some kind of standard maintenance agreement that includes
>free upgrades. 
There are no free upgrades to hardware.  First year warranty applies to AccuVote, Accu-Vote-TS, AccuFeed, and Ballot Box.  You can purchase extended warranties only on AccuVote and AccuVote-TS.  Warranty repair covers the cost to repair and replace parts but does not cover the shipping to McKinney or damage resulting from abuse or mishandling (e.g., dropping the unit, etc.).
 Barry would know better than I what that agreement is (I
>think 15%-17%, but I don't really know).
Pricing for extended warranties requires individual quoting for each customer account.  Larry Ensminger can answer questions on extended warranty quoting.