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FW: Port Server II setup

Below is an old email I wrote describing how to set up the Port Server II for central count.  I won't claim it is strictly correct (I never got a reply to the mail when I sent it), but for now it is the closest thing we have to a Port Server setup document. 
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Subject: Port Server II setup

Okay, though some help from Guy and some guessing, I now have my port server running.  Here are the commands I issued to the port server.  I don't know if this is a minimal set, or if I missed something, but it seems to work.  This "example" should be incorporated into whatever documentation we are writing for this.  Let me know if this looks okay.  One thing that looks a bit suspicious to me is the mtu.
set config ip=
set forwarding state=passive proxyarp=on
set ippool count=16 ip=
set user name=accuvote protocol=ppp mtu=1500
 ipaddr=ippool pppauth=none
 defaultaccess=netservice netservice=on
set line baud=19200 range=1-16 
set flow altpin=on range=1-16 

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