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RE: AVTS & Gems - Audit Logs

If you are able to create an audit log with the date and time that the election was started and ended, that probably will suffice.  However, this log also produces error messages to the Administrator if they should occur.  We probably need to check the FEC guidelines on what the rules are for DRE machines.  I don't think that I-Mark would of gone and created all these logs if it was not necessary.

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> The capability for Gems to be able to print out all of the Audit
> Log files that are created by AVTS.

We don't upload the audit files from the AccuVote, and we hadn't planned to
do so for the AccuVote-TS.

We *will* upload all the ballot images, so administrators can review all the
ballots and when they were cast.  This is to simulate the "paper trail" of
the AccuVote.  We also upload a "reset count" so administrators can know how
many times the election was started, and a copy history of the memory card

What other information is useful, and why?  In short, what exactly is an
administrator in Johnson County going to do with 1000 audit files filled
with such useful information as:

06/23/99 17:17.57 - Administrator exiting administration screen
06/23/99 17:18.11 - A ballot has been cast
06/23/99 17:19.19 - Successful transfer of results

We know the administrator exited the admin screen, how else was the election
started.  We know ballots were cast, and from the ballot files we know when.
We also know the results were sent successfully, since the GEMS upload log
says so.  I would really rather not fill up the database with 50 megabytes
of that.  It just doesn't serve any purpose.

Having said all this, uploading the audit file is not very difficult, and we
can certainly do it fairly painlessly if there is a lot of demand.
Feedback, as always, is welcome.


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