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RE: AccuVote-TS testing

> Just to let you all know, I am currently running Microsoft Visual

Great!  Please keep up with the posts to the support.  They are, as always
from you, very informative.

> I have currently have voted 14846 times on a election
> with 5 issues before the D: drive (Disk on Chip) has become full.

Interesting.  Where is most of the space being taken up?  The audit files or
the brs files?  How many brs files have you?

>  Also, once you go over 9999 votes, the ticker tape will start
> dropping off the last digit on the report.

I'll make a note of that and see if we can give you 5 digits.  The AccuVote
provides 5 IIRC.

> I will report any
> more abnormalities as I continue doing testing, but I think that
> we shouldn't see this amount of voters on 1 machine during an election.

Florida likes to test 30,000, so both these problems need to be adressed
even though they will never be an issue in the real world.